Orange Tissue Paper Pom Poms - set of 3

$ 6.00

So pretty and full of fluffy tissue. EASY to make!

Each set includes: 3 pre-cut and pre-folded pom poms and white satin ribbon for hanging. 

Detailed instructions are included for easy fluffing. 

Tissue Paper ball pom poms are approximately 10 - 12" in diameter when fully bloomed. Can be cut to smaller sizes.

Colors are deep and vibrant. 

Made with premium, highest quality tissue paper. 

Eco-friendly, contains some post-consumer recycled material.

Create different textures and sizes by simply trimming the edges of the pom pom balls (instructions included).

Tip: Hang your pom poms as soon as you can after fluffing. Pom poms tend to flatten if then are left sitting on a flat surface.

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